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Newburyport Pilates
Newburyport Pilates
Here's What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying...

   “Karen Ortiz did what 2 orthopedic doctors, one MRI and a cortisone shot could not do for my lower back - understand what the problem was and know how to fix it. She is gifted and skilled in her understanding of body mechanics and what changes need to happen to reduce pain. I feel so lifted, upright and strong since beginning to work with her. And she is a super nice person.“ 
 - Florrie Johnson, Newburyport, MA

  “I took the free GYROTONIC® session with Karen Ortiz and was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise. It was a one on one session that was so informative and left me full of encouragement.  I had knee surgery six months ago as well as shoulder issues, IT band issues, and basically have injured myself over and over for years without understanding why. She stated the same issues with my body that my surgeon and physical therapists have stated but in such a way that made sense to me and offered concrete ways to help gain alignment and strength where I need it. It was my "aha" moment of finally seeing and feeling the mind-body connection”. 
 - Kerrie Sesto, Newburyport, MA

  "It is a pleasure for mtestimonial for Karen Ortiz and Positive Works Studio. I have been working with Karen at Positive Works Studio for a over 2 years and could not be more happy with the results. Karen has the unique ability to pinpoint the pain in the body, isolate it and then release it. She uses many techniques and tools and is always learning new methods in order to give her clients the healthy, pain free body that they desire. I would highly recommend that anyone who has any aches or pains to e to give a visit Karen. Within the first meeting you will feel results and be excited about booking your next appointment!"
 - Elizabeth Souza, Newburyport, MA

  "Dear Karen, Thank you for the wonderful session today. Your work, attention to detail, thoroughness and generous spirit was very well received and much appreciated. Your knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and all its connections is quite profound. You really know what you're doing and you care! That comes through your touch and your presence. Anyone would benefit working with you; you seem very adept and intuitive at knowing exactly what is going on in the body, and how to work that area effectively.  Being an active athlete, runner, workout enthusiast and yoga practitioner, I would highly recommend anyone who is athletic and active, whether competitively or recreationally, to experience your work and its wondrous effects, especially to help them stay charged, balanced, flexible, pain free and to help stay in optimal health and at the top of their game."
 - Rama Valianti, Newburyport, MA

 Karen is intuitive, warm, friendly and engaging....I had never been on the Pilates reformer before and learned so much about my posture, my core and my body - love it. She knows how to read a body well enough to know where you are feeling pain and how to help you heal that pain. I recommend Karen and Positive Works highly.
 - Diane Beekler, Newburyport, MA

 Karen worked out years of stress buildup in my neck and shoulders and 'mouse arm/ hand' tightness. She instructed me on how important it is to use good posture, and how to stretch properly. Karen is an excellent massage therapist who teaches you best practices to keep your body & mind loose and relaxed!
 - David Hild, Newburyport, MA
Amesbury Pilates - Biofield Tuning - Neural Reset Therapy
Newburyport Pilates
Amesbury Pilates - Biofield Tuning - Neural Reset Therapy
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